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Popular Culture

  • In the United States the Eighteenth Amendment to the Constitution is started in 1920, which outlawed the production and consumption of alcohol and was more commonly known as Prohibition.

What News Events Happened In 1920

  • In 1920 the war in Europe was over but politicians realized that many men who were coming home after the war would not have homes to go to and Britain was one of the countries that tried to address this by announcing it would build 1,000,000 homes for war veterans.
  • Nineteenth Amendment To The Constitution ratified on August 18, 1920, giving women the right to vote.
More Information and Timeline For Nineteenth Amendment To The Constitution
1. The Nineteenth Amendment's text was drafted by Susan B. Anthony with the assistance of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and was first introduced in 1878.
2. The women's suffrage movement pressed for its inclusion for nearly 40 years with little success.
3. Following President Woodrow Wilson making a strong and widely published appeal to Congress to pass the amendment it passed on May 21, 1919.
4. The Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution was ratified on August 18.
5. Women voted for the first time during the 1920 general elections. 

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  • The Chinese Communist Party is formed.
  • An earthquake measuring 8.5 magnitude on the Richter scale hits the heavily populated of Gansu province of China.
  • The Russian Civil war Ends but famine begins and worsens the following year.
  • Prohibition comes into effect when the 18th Amendment is passed.
  • Radical anarchists bomb Wall Street killing 38.
  • Influenza (the flu) and pneumonia spread Worldwide killing many thousands.
  • The League of Nations comes into being in Paris and the US Senate votes against joining.
  • Switzerland joins the League of Nations.
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force is established after merging the Royal Northwest Mounted Police and the Dominion Police.
  • The U.S. Justice and Immigration Departments conduct The Palmer Raid on January 19th and arrest 6,000 foreign aliens who were deported as suspected radical leftists.
  • The Hague becomes the seat of International Justice Court.
  • World Population is Estimated at 1,811,000,000.
  • Small pox becomes a major problem worldwide.
  • US Population is Estimated at 107,823,000.
  • New York Yankees buy Babe Ruth.
  • The US Postal Service puts more Airmail services into effect.
  • Pancho Villa surrenders to the Mexican government.
  • Tornadoes swept through the mid-western and southern portions of the United States, killing more than 200.
  • The Summer Olympics are held in Antwerp, Belgium.


  • The Ford Model T was continuing to sell well in the US.
  • Austin in the UK produced an Austin 20/4.
  • Airlines are starting to appear around the world as the commercial implications are realized, the start of what is now QANTAS in Australia, and KLM in Holland to name just two.
  • The first commercial radio station in the United States, 8MK (WWJ), begins operations in Detroit, Michigan. The first radios start to appear for sale in shops in the US.
History of Radio

Inventions, Inventors and Country (or attributed to First Use)
Sticky Plasters USA by Earle Dickson
Hair Dryer Germany
The Tea Bag by Joseph Krieger
Parachute USA by Karl O.K. Osterday

Major World Political Leaders

Australia Prime Minister Billy Hughes Brazil President Epitácio Pessoa Canada Prime Minister Sir Robert Borden untilJuly 10th

Canada Prime Minister Arthur Meighen From July 10

Italy Prime Minister Francesco Saverio Nitti until This Day In History June 15th
Italy Prime Minister Giovanni Giolitti From 15 June

Japan Prime Minister Takashi Hara 
Mexico President Adolfo de la Huerta From June 1st
Mexico President Adolfo de la Huerta until November 30th
Mexico President Álvaro Obregón From 1 December
Russia / Soviet Union 
Chairman of the Council of People's Commissars Vladimir Lenin 
South Africa Prime Minister Field Marshal Jan Christiaan Smuts 
United States President Woodrow Wilson 
United Kingdom Prime Minister David Lloyd George 

Political Elections

United States Presidential Election 1920 Warren G. Harding (Republican) defeats James M. Cox (Democratic) and Eugene V. Debs (Socialist). 

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